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The Sushi Restaurants and Their features for you

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The income of the Japanese restaurant consists of earnings on the sale of sushi, hot dishes, and the proceeds of the bar. In economy-class establishments, sushi brings income almost 60%, at the bar, earnings reach 30%, and other dishes replenish the rest. Inexpensive restaurants, not oriented to selling land, they, however, bring about 20% of income. There are portions of the area in an expensive institution costs about 4-8 dollars, in general – about 2-4 dollars. In this case, in the restaurants located in the capital, a day visit is about a thousand people in the regions. In winter, customers are always more. It is due to the seasonality of the business.

Most Important Features

The most important feature of this restaurant is a set of products like the Aspen Sushi Restaurants. They do not grow the right rice, and the right fish is not found. So, most of the products are purchased abroad. The selection of the supplier should be taken with all seriousness because the quality of the products depends on the reputation of the restaurant and the health of the customers.

The Japanese Restaurants

Japanese restaurant also requires considerable expenses for the maintenance of a qualified staff of workers. You need to hire a chef, sushi, waiters and kitchen workers. The profitability of the restaurant largely depends on them. The chef, who composes the recipes of dishes, introduces new items in the menu and monitors the popularity of specific orders, will expect to pay at least 500-2000 dollars a month for the payment of his labour. Sushi sets receive an average salary of 170-550 dollars, cooks of hot dishes – from 200 to 700 dollars. Waiters are usually set at a level of $ 150, plus a percentage of orders served. In addition to these workers, the restaurant requires an administrator. His average salary is 420 – 650 dollars.

The Most Serious Investments

The most severe investments need to be made on the premises and repair of the restaurant. The room should be in a crowded place, with an area of at least 300 square meters. It will include a hall for 50-80 seats, a kitchen and central premises. To repair the facade and design of the main hall will cost at least 60 thousand dollars. The purchase of high-quality equipment for European production will cost at least 50 thousand dollars. The purchase of products for 1-2 months of sushi bar will cost 18-25 thousand dollars, depending on the size of the institution.

Without Advertising

Advertising is essential for any business organisation. This is also true for the Aspen Sushi Restaurants. You need advertising in entertaining printed publications, on local television, light boxes, leaflets, the creation of entertainment programs, discount programs. Besides, in the future, the owner of a promising restaurant, you must always strictly monitor the quality of dishes, go to international seminars to learn new items and add them to your menu. A modern restaurant management system based on the r-keeper program or the ecosystem will complement the sushi bar. You can order its implementation in our company.

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