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Pollutants in Our Bodies: Eliminating Our Overuse of Plastic

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We use plastic everyday. Plastic makes up our shampoo bottles, kitchenware, toys, and even our food containers. The sad truth is that plastic appears everywhere but takes a toll on both our bodies and our planet. In order to protect ourselves and our planets better, we need to eliminate our overuse of plastic and find better alternatives.

How Does Plastic Damage Our Planet?

Plastic damages our planet due to its prolonged breakdown. Plastic makes up a majority of our daily household items and we purchase plastic items without thought. Though they are sold in abundance, plastic can take decades to break down. Rather than decompose and break down as many other materials do, plastic remains polluting our landfills. Additionally, plastic holds on to smells and even sometimes stains. When this happens, it is not uncommon for people to throw away these goods and buy ones to replace them. Plastic, after all, is a relatively inexpensive material. Yet, because of its low cost and its ability to ruin quickly, we are more wasteful with plastic than with other materials.

How Does Plastic Damage Our Bodies?

Plastic is made up of chemicals that can leak into our foods and bodies when we use plastic food containers and heat them up. Even putting plastic containers in the dishwasher, which is common practice, can allow chemicals to leak and potentially contaminate other items. Toxins in plastic can cause health problems.

What Are the Alternatives?

Finding containers made of other materials such as stainless steel is a significantly healthier alternative. In addition to being a healthier option for our bodies, stainless steel is often used to make food insulated containers. These containers perform a double benefit. First, they offer the safety that plastic just can’t provide. Secondly, stainless steel insulated containers don’t need to be heated in the microwave. These containers keep food hot for usually up to eight hours and cold for up to twenty-two hours.

In addition to a lack of toxins, stainless steel containers do not clog landfills the way plastics do. They actually last significantly longer than plastics and do not hold smells. This leads to them being less expensive in the long run even if the upfront cost might be slightly higher. Since they do not need to be replaced as frequently, they prove to be less wasteful.

Further benefits of these containers are that they do not leak, shatter, or crack as plastic sometimes does. The covers are also often airtight, keeping food fresh. Finally, they are easier to clean than plastic containers and even offer a sleeker look. Rather than exposing your family and our planet to potentially dangerous and toxic materials, consider making the switch toward a healthier, safer future.

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