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How to Cook Duck Breast Perfectly

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A lot of home cooks find it difficult to cook duck breasts as they tend to cook it as they would chicken. However, poultries are not made equal and duck is certainly not like chicken. If you are new to cooking duck breasts, you might not know that duck breast is rich, dark meat and usually covered by a thick slab of fat. When you cook duck breast like chicken breast, it will be dry and chewy. However, you cook it properly, the breast will be juicy and topped with crispy skin. It will be fit to start in fancy restaurants. Mastering duck breasts will make you a kitchen expert. Cooking delicious duck dishes is a great way to impress your family or friends. Get the best recipe for roasted duck at https://canardsdulacbrome.com/en/recettes/foolproof-method-cooking-roasted-whole-duck/. When cooking duck breasts, here are some awesome tips:

Pat the Meat Dry

Often, precut duck breasts can be picked up at a local grocery store or butcher’s shop. Also, you can order them online when there is no such store near you. When you are ready to work on the meat, start by discarding any excess juice when you remove the meat from the packaging. The meat should then be pat dried with a paper towel.

Score the Duck Fat

To make sure you end up with a mouth-watering duck breast, make sure you crisp the fat. When you score the fat, it will be easier for it to render and increase its surface area. In turn, this will lead to a crispier duck skin. When scoring the fat, make sure you use a sharp knife in a criss-cross pattern across the duck.

Be Aggressive when Seasoning the Duck

Because fat doesn’t absorb seasoning the way meat does, season the duck aggressively. Add a good amount of kosher salt and fresh ground paper to ensure the seasoning gets to the fat’s crevices. The other side of the duck must not be seasoned.

Focus on Rendering the Fat

When cooking duck, you want to render the fat. Begin by putting the meat fat-side down in a cold pain and turning the stove to a low setting. Rather than searing the mat and trapping the fat, this will let the fat melt and crisp slowly. This process takes around 12 to 15 minutes. When the rendered fat builds up, you can pour it off into a bowl and use it for making a delicious pan sauce, veggies, gold-fried potatoes, and more.

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