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How to bid on good wine? Baghera Wines’ tips

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Founded in 2015 by a team of seasoned professionals in the exceptional wine sector, Baghera Wines is above all a company that makes the quality of its wines a daily requirement. This consulting agency located in Geneva, Switzerland, offers auctions and Master Classes of wine tastings to all collectors around the world. It is also behind the sale of the world’s most expensive wine, a bottle from the Romanée-Conti estate. We offer you an overview of ways to bid on good wine. Find out more news about wine through their blog bagherawines-blog.com/.

Find out about the wine label’s condition

To be sure of bidding on a wine that interests you, inquire in advance about the label’s condition. The latter will provide you a valuable clue about the winery in which the wine was preserved. If a label is marked by humidity, it means that the humidity level was satisfactory. This will please connoisseurs who will taste this wine. However, if you sell this wine in some countries, such as Asian countries, a stitched label will have little success. If the label is perfect, this is not bad sign either. The paper quality depends on the areas and producers.

Check wine quality

The quality of wine in the bottle is a valuable clue. Indeed, it will allow you to know if the bottle was well-preserved or not. Indeed, with time, the cork is more and more porous. This greatly facilitates the evaporation of this delicious elixir. If the cellar where wine was stored was not at the right temperature, the wine will have evaporated too much and also whether the cellar temperature was too hot or too dry. So you have to check the level of the bottle. If its level is too low compared to its age, tasting is unlikely to please you and disappoints you.

Make a partial or complete estimate of a cellar (condition, storage)

The interest when you want to bid on good wine is also to check the full or partial estimate of the cellar in which your wine was stored. This will tell you under which conditions your wine has been stored all this time. Was the temperature adequate? Are the other wines equally well preserved? Is the general condition flawless? Here are so many questions to answer.

Rare wine, a real investment

Like the wine of the Romanée-Conti estate of 1999 which sold 76 300 euros by Baghera Wines, rare and exceptional wine is a real investment. Thus, if a vintage interests you and you are a collector, amateur or professional, bidding on a good wine is a great way to invest in order to sell it many years later. By preserving it perfectly well, you can then get a very interesting price.

Baghera Wines made the quality of its exceptional wines a proper trademark. It shares its experience to help all collectors on the planet. Don’t miss out on its next event: an auction of Henri Jayer last bottles from his cellar, scheduled for June 17, 2018 in Geneva.

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