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Five Ways to Properly Store Food in your Commercial Kitchen Fridge or Freezer

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A lot of people find it hard to keep their fridge and freezer organized. If you own a commercial kitchen, this can become even more difficult with more people using your fridge or freezer. But, your restaurant must employ an efficient system and maintain organization in every aspect.

Organizing space in your restaurant equipment such as the commercial freezer and fridge can be done in many ways. Although how you arrange items in your fridge depends on your usage and stocks, there are guidelines for health and safety codes that you must follow to prevent cross-contamination. Consider the following guidelines:

Keep your Meat on the Low Shelves

This makes it easier to clean up your fridge or freezer if you have a spill. Also, this can prevent dangerous cross contamination. If other items in your fridge touch the marinade or juices from the meat, you need to discard them. Storing the meat on higher shelves make them more likely to drip down and contaminate items in the lower shelves.

Allow Proper Air Circulation

Your commercial fridge and freezer produce cold air that must be able to circulate. While you may be tempted to fill your freezer or fridge with as many items as you can, you must leave space between them to allow for proper air circulation. Proper circulation is vital so your items get the best refrigeration.

Store Food Off the Floor

To make sure water won’t seep into your food, place the latter on top shelves and never on the fridge floor. This is a health code requirement; however, some people in your restaurant may not be aware of the codes which will get your business in trouble. Also, this rule is easily forgotten as people deal with the rush of customers. Ensure all those who work in your restaurant understand this rule to prevent food contamination and pest infestation in your fridge.

Be Extra Careful with your Sensitive Produce

Your commercial kitchen refrigeration and freezing unit fans can damage your delicate produce. Fresh greens and berries are quite vulnerable to damage from such fans. They can get burned if you store them close to the fans in the freezer.

Ensure Everything is Labeled

Labeling allows those who are not familiar with your system find things easily. This helps especially if you have new employees who are still trying to figure out how things in the kitchen work. When you label your shelves, you can easily determine if something is out of place or out of stock.

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