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6 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Laundry Provider.

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Many of us have stayed in hotels and guesthouses away from home, on business or for pleasure, and when asked ‘how was your stay’ we always mention the bed. We talk about how comfortable the mattress was but generally we comment about the linen and if it was clean or not. There is nothing better than sliding into a hotel or guest house bed, with clean, crisp, great smelling sheets and dozing right off. It feels like a home from home and we are guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

When hotels or guest houses chose whom they want to supply or launder their linen, this is not a decision that should be rushed or taken easily. Clean linen is an essential part of any guests stay, and if it isn’t the bed sheets they are looking at, then it is certainly the table clothes on the table, they are eating their food off.  Essentially, if anyone in the hospitality industry is not supplying clean linen to their guests, then they are doomed to failure. Finding the right provider of linen and excellent laundry services is crucial and here are some things you need to consider when doing so.

  1. Reliability Is Key – It goes without saying, that you need to look for a linen provider and launderer who is extremely reliable. You need to find a provider who can supply you with what you need throughout the whole of the UK and who have the experience and know how to get your linens not only clean, but fresh smelling and crisp. If you want service and quality then Stalbridge Linen commercial laundry services are probably the best you will experience and they have been around for over forty years. They haven’t been around that long if they are not as good as they say and their reputation precedes them.
  1. The Right Equipment – Make sure that the company who will offer you their linen services does have all the right equipment for the job. The reason you are giving them your linen is because your machines are not up to the task. You expect them to have industrial washing machines, dryers and pressing machines and you expect them to have the necessary staff to do the job. In today’s ecologically friendly world, businesses are looking to their laundry service provider to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment. Companies like Stalbridge, have managed to save over three million litres a week across their many plants in their efforts to be kind to the environment.
  1. Quick Turnaround Times – Working in the hospitality industry means that you need quick turnaround times for your linens and laundry. Guests checkout and almost immediately guests check-in, and there is very little time in which to clean the rooms and get fresh sheets onto the bed. This is when you need the option of hiring additional linen or getting your linens picked up. The right company will have a system in place where they pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, press it and get it right back to you in the quickest of time, without quality suffering. Your business should not be affected due to any delays by your laundry provider.
  1. Affordable Service – The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly competitive and hotels are having to make cuts here and there to increase profits, but also maintain a high level of service. It is important to find a linen and laundry service that does provide great service, but also needs to do the work at an affordable price. Being charged a reasonable and affordable price while still maintaining the highest standards is key and they need to understand how hard you work in your business and make sure that they provide a trouble free service as well.
  1. Additional Services – Quite frequently, you are going to need additional services alongside your washing, drying and pressing of your linens and you need a company who will step up and deliver some additional value added services. Hotel guests spill drinks like wine on their bed sheets or table clothes and housekeeping cannot always get to the sheets until the next day. This is when you need those additional services like stain removal to restore your linen to its original form. Guests, also ask for the ironing of their clothes and starching of shirts for business meetings and so you should be looking for a service that will encompass these as well.
  1. Eco-Friendly – Being socially responsible and ecologically friendly is something all businesses should be looking for in their laundry and linen providers. You need to look for providers that include green practices in their service. Make sure they are using up-to-date industry standard machines that are using less water and less detergent to get your linens clean. Laundry services have a massive impact on our environment and so should not be using  chemicals that are harmful and instead use ones that are bio-degradeable.  Most linen is made from cotton and so they should also be taking steps to ensure that they know the origin of the cotton and that it has been ethically produced and also sourced.

So, there you have it, six things to look out for when considering hiring any laundry and linen company. The service you choose can affect the running of your business and as everyone knows in the hospitality industry, hygiene cannot be understated. From the work clothes that your chef and kitchen and general staff wear, to the table cloths on your dining room tables and the linens you put on your beds, everything needs to be spotless, smell great and have crisp lines.

Look for a service company who can do all the things you need under one roof, and do not tie you down to a contract. That way you can vote with your feet if you are not happy. Make sure that you can communicate easily and quickly with your laundry provider and if there any issues, that they can respond quickly and effectively. If you follow the above advice, you will surely choose wisely.

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